Welcome to Have A Good Birth.

I am pleased to announce that from February 2014 I have joined with local antenatal educator Helen Keast to provide a more holistic approach to parents during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Our new company is called Bump2baby Reality. To see what we offer go to:


Becoming pregnant, growing a baby, giving birth and becoming parents is a time of great change - to your body, your emotions, your lifestyle, your relationships.

Adapting to these changes, preparing to give birth and making space in your life for a new baby all become important to you at this time.

If you want to become more informed, make new friends, prepare for labour or enjoy a healthy pregnancy, hypnobirthing classes or breathing and relaxation sessions will help.

Please browse the Have A Good Birth site and email or phone me with any questions you may have.

‘Birth is an involuntary process, and as such cannot be managed’
- Michel Odent 1995